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sweet lil' Lucky @ 12:41 PM

The first two pictures are of a very sweet calf, though now she's almost a full grown cow. I 'raised' her. I was the first person she saw. I used to play with her , feed her , clean her stall. I spend quite some time with her.
Her name is Lucky . But since then i hadn't seen her in 3 months. About a month ago I visited her again. She's sooo big now !
She lives with the other cows that are a bit too young to be milked , and she's like the leader of the pact , haha:) she is very brave and curious, when i came into her stall it seems like she remembered  me (though I'm pretty sure she didn't , she's just friendly to everyone).
She loooves it when people come in to her stall. She licks their boots, pulls their sweaters and just follows them around, while the other cows  stand in the corner and stare, haha.Oh, and I recognised her my the heart shaped spot on her nose, it didn't change a bit!

(First, second pictures - Lucky when she was about 3 weeks old)
(second and third pictures - Gabija, two years ago, feeding some calfs.)
(Fourth picture - the same calfs)


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