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package / friends @ 1:56 PM

 (sorry for the crappy webcam photos..)
Yesterday I received the best , loveliest and best smelling (sounds wierd....) package ever ! Thank you, Goda, it made my day x x x x  

It has been raining aaaalll day long.. It didn't stop long enough for me to go outside. So I've been cleaning, (now my room looks nice) , writing letters and watching friends. I made myself a big cup of tea, and I'll watch friends for the rest of the evening.

I like to print screen a lot when i watch it , haha. Here are some of my favourite captures:


Hello, my name is Luka and I'm a 16 year old student from Norway
I like photography + cats + acting + musicals + cooking + fashion + tea + eating in bed + friends and etc!

teenage kicks.